Time Between Time

Time between time.

When life slows down, to the clock’s last tick.

Life freezes in the unbearable shock of catastrophe.

Your mind’s entrapped in the one moment.

In reality time goes on:

As the earth rotates the sun,

And the rest of entities go on in their daily existence.

But your mind is paralyzed in the ferocious grip of the night’s horror;

Raped relentlessly by this nightmare; fluttering images flashing through the mind.

In later years, the most valid efforts of burial by hard drink are proven futile.

It has only engraved the desolation deeper into the darkest crevasses of the mind.τ

So the ensued alternative would be to surface the nightmare,

As to relieve or rid yourself of its paroxysms of a melancholy shadow cast over thy life.

Yet in spite of all the vigorous efforts of both – there is no way of escape; stuck in the moment –

Time between time.



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