An inspired float.


To sail abroad, to drift without course or direction; this would be freedom’s most privileged adventure. A journey to nowhere, no where specific at least, yet to anywhere the heart hankers or the wind simply navigates to. Stay afloat, sail through the vast open oceans, pass through uncharted waters, so to speak, but go beyond the limits of mankind. Why not? Self denial to aught is only to last breathing long enough to see an insignificant death: rather than promoting every dream one has; every new exciting jaunt; every rugged climb to see further.  To live a transcendent and momentous life, unadulterated and without hindrance should be each self respecting and honorable entity’s drive – driven by heart through whatever paths one finds rousing.  Set one’s self apart from the rest, apart from the frivolous standards of others by which so many lives are dictated. To live in autonomy by one’s heart should be the only compulsory thing in life. Float abroad seizing every moment life emits.


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